Progettomondo supports the Moroccan population affected by the tragic earthquake of the 8th of September and is on-site to help collect and distribute basic goods.
Marrakesh and the Grand Atlas were surprised by a violent 6.8 magnitude shake, the highest recorded in Morocco in over 60 years.
Towns and people were caught unprepared. Collapses affected entire neighborhoods and caused thousands of deaths and injuries. More than 2,900 victims have been registered, and there is damage equivalent to 8% of GDP.

Progettomondo has been in Morocco for over 20 years. Its local offices are located in Béni Mellal and Rabat, but it has also worked in the rural areas affected by the earthquake, and our local collaborators come from all parts of the country. We reached, together with Red Crescent, the province of Azilal where we had provided first aid.
The main immediate needs identified are foodstuffs, blankets, kitchen utensils, hygiene and first aid kits, heavy clothing, tents, and sleeping bags. The items are distributed mainly in the Ait Tamlil and Fetouaka municipalities.
So many families are living on the streets and many have lost their loved ones.
YOUR help is crucial, help Progettomondo to restore the most affected areas and provide support in the long term as well.
For further information write to: [email protected].